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Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to find out more, advertise in Faction or contribute work.

3 Bad Monkeys
PO Box 44362, Point Chelalier
Auckland 1246

12/5 Edgars Road
Westmere, Auckland 1022
New Zealand

+64221 771 755


TV3 talks to the Faction team, 2013. Watch it here...


Faction's High Water comic makes the news, 2015...


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Faction is an edited publication, and we will only print work of a very high calibre. We aim to produce two issues every year - both in print and digitally - though this will be partially dependent on the rate of submissions and the quality of the work we receive. We’ll only go to print when we’ve got a comic we love!

As a New Zealand-owned organisation, it's important to us to show off the diverse range of comic talent that exists in our country and celebrate the direction that comics have been taking in the past years, as they have develop into a broader and more mature art-form.

Faction is New Zealand's first

We feature a great range of kiwi artists, some who have been working in the industry for years and others who are relatively unknown. We want to show off the beautiful work that is being produced in New Zealand to a wider audience, as well as helping to inspire a new generation of kiwi comic artists and writers.

However, our main focus is on great art and great storytelling - and on making Faction a comic that people can’t put down.

So make sure you sign up for our free subscription - and never miss an issue!

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About Faction Comics
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Faction comics is run and designed by 3 Bad Monkeys, a graphic design and video editing business run out of Auckland.

Every issue of Faction is edited by Damon Keen and Amie Maxwell.

Faction is copyright Damon Keen. Artwork within the anthologies is copyright of the respective artists.

Details and conditions

When purchasing books from our site, we aim to get them in the post by the next business day. Within New Zealand, postage typically takes 2 to 4 days. Overseas delivery time may take up to 4 weeks. We have no refund policy at this time.

Please note, when purchasing on our site, the name that will appear on your statement will be "3 Bad Monkeys."

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